A premier provider of online trading communities was nearing the end of their lease and was expecting to right-size their Data Center and office space. The Data Center needed to be sized inline with expectations for growth and evolving technologies. Office space would shrink by 25-30%. The Data Center migration needed flawless execution so as not to interrupt Client business operations.


Unified Relo Services

Our engagement started with parallel efforts to develop a budget and a review of initial plans from the Architect. Scope was overall program management for IT and Facilities.

As the budget was finalized, we quickly laid out timeframes to identify key activities for each month along with sub-projects to be bid. Some vendor selections were formal competitive bid situations (RFP, interviews, site visits) while others were worked out with existing vendors. As vendor selections completed, the overall move budget was refined until it was expected to be +/-5%.

Construction progressed and we monitored progress consistently. Issues popped up and were quickly resolved. A different UPS came in than expected and required a new I-beam to support the 2nd Floor Data Center; changes in Data Center HVAC were needed; the access security vendor subbed their cabling to a questionable contractor and required additional oversight. The CO came in phases requiring. The managers for Telecomm, Servers, and the Help Desk were at odds on how to label cables and ports. The Mover changed the project lead two days before the first move weekend.

Data Center moves/swings were scheduled over (3) weekends. Data Center equipment was moved Friday nights with validation continuing on Saturday. Saturdays also included deskside equipment installations. Our engagement completed over the following weeks as we completed all vendor punch-outs and assembled a full documentation set for future reference.

Ultimately, it's results that count, right? We came in at 14% under budget with minimal scope changes. On each of post-move Mondays, all systems were up and key business functions (Sales, Finance, Customer Support) were up and running.